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These are a couple of my favourite etsy sellers/stores, which I ocassionally frequent to get some of their items.

Good4you - Handmade herbal herbal teas, salves, lip balms, superfoods and others. I love their quarter life crisis balm, superfoods, herbal balms, just to name a few.

Morning Calm - Handmade bar soaps, lip balms, and herbal steam for face. I love how the seller packs her products before shipping them out, and not only that, she is really generous about giving samples to customers. Normally, I use her soaps to wash my face, in the morning and night, along with the washable cleansing oil.

The Northwoods Goat - Handmade bar soaps for hair, body and face, along with handmade lip balms. I have tried the Rosemary & Lavender shampoo and body soap, and have decided that I will most likely use this particular soap for my body, since it moisturizes my skin pretty well, unlike the current Goat’s Milk bar soap I am using right now, besides that, I love the scent of this bar soap : ).